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Supreme Court to Review State Election Laws

( – Arizona is a state around which much controversy centered after last year’s presidential election. Despite a strong tradition of Conservatism in the state, official tallies reported that Joe Biden won by over 10,000 votes, leading many commentators to suspect possible voter fraud.

Now, it will fall to the US Supreme Court to decide whether Arizona’s election laws are up to scratch. Republicans in the state filed a motion to challenge the legality of two key pieces of voter law. The first relates to a ban on voting in a precinct other than your designated precinct. The second concerns a ban on the practice of ballot harvesting, which became notorious across the country during and after the election for the obvious lack of protection it offers against fraud.

On Wednesday, March 3, OAN revealed that the Supreme Court was set to hear arguments on these two points.

This follows last week’s ruling that Arizona’s Maricopa County must turn over more than two million ballots to authorities and provide access to their voting software. The state’s Senate now has everything it needs to conduct an audit of votes cast in the area. The outcome could prove telling. We’ll keep you posted.

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