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Study Finds Network News Way More Negative Toward Trump

( – A new study has found what many have suspected for a long time: the nightly network newscasts are far more negative toward Donald Trump than Joe Biden. The Media Research Center examined all of the statements made by reporters and anchors on NBC, ABC, and CBS from June 1 to July 31.

The organization found most of the comments made about Biden were positive. This wasn’t the case with President Trump. His coverage has been overwhelmingly negative. In fact, the study found the networks were 150 times more negative toward the president.

According to the study, 3 networks made 634 negative reports about Trump over the 2-month period. During that same time, they only made 34 positive comments about the president.

Rich Noyes, the director of the study, said the media networks are presenting the most biased coverage of any presidential race in modern US history.

During the 2-month study, ABC, CBS, and NBC devoted 512 minutes of airtime covering Trump. They spent just 58 minutes on Biden. The most shocking finding was the tone of the coverage, the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

Trump has been blasting the networks for unfairly biased coverage for quite a while. This new study shows that the president has good reason to be upset.

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