Thursday, February 2, 2023

Steve Bannon Court Battle Leads to Massive Trove of ‘Evidence’

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( – Steve Bannon, a Trump ally, faces contempt of Congress charges after denying subpoenas and refusing to answer questions from the House January 6 Committee. Bannon has pleaded not guilty, and prosecutors are accusing his defense of attempting to delay proceedings. Bannon’s court battle has led to a massive document dump.

Bannon’s defense requested that the Department of Justice (DOJ) submit documents after Bannon’s status hearing on November 18. The defense’s request comes under “discovery,” in which the prosecutors must bring forth any evidence they intend to use in court. 

The DOJ claims that it submitted 65 documents containing just under 1,100 pages of information. The prosecutors claim that the 1,092 pages are concerning Bannon’s contempt charges. The DOJ also argued that Bannon’s defense is senselessly attempting to delay court proceedings by attempting to try the case via the media rather than the court. 

The court filings show that the documents prosecutors submitted include law enforcement interviews with witnesses, grand jury material, connection between Bannon and others, law enforcement data on Bannon and inner communications between Select Committee staff.

Bannon asserted that his team is going on the offensive and that Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Attorney Merrick Garland have picked a fight with the wrong guys this time. 

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