State Republicans Pass New Voter Bill

State Republicans Pass New Voter Bill

( – Considering the level of controversy around the possibility of voter fraud after the last election, we’re likely to see many updates of electoral systems and laws before the next election cycle. It looks as though Georgia may be the first state to revamp its approach.

On Tuesday, February 23, Georgia’s Senate (in which the GOP has a majority) voted 35-18 in favor of a bill that would require voters to present photo ID, such as a driver’s license, when applying for an absentee ballot. Under the terms of the legislation, the person could send a photocopy of the document if they wished.

Currently, Georgia officials use signature verification for absentee ballots. This practice was criticized by former President Donald Trump after last year’s election.

Georgia’s Democrats have denounced this measure as unnecessary. However, when confidence in voting systems is as low as it currently is, it must be restored by any means necessary. If making absentee voters comply with extra formalities is what we have to do to restore faith in democracy, it sounds like a reasonable price to pay. 

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