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State Capitols Threatened, FBI Warns Americans to Stay Home

(TheConservativeNews.org) – The FBI has received intelligence that there are allegedly plans for armed protests at all 50 state Capitols, as well as the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, in the lead-up to January 20. This information comes from an internal bulletin; it was discussed with the press on the condition of anonymity. National Guard troops have been deployed to each state capital, and there are physical barriers in place in many cases. 

Understandably, many American citizens are feeling worried after hearing these reports. If violence breaks out in your area, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe.

Stay at Home

The best way to ensure you don’t get caught up in a potentially violent protest is to stay clear of public places altogether. If you live near a capitol building, or any area in which a protest might take place, it might be a good idea to stay indoors as much as possible for the next few days.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

However, it’s not practical for everyone to remain at home constantly. There’s still plenty of ways to be cautious when you’re on the move.

Use your judgment. If there’s no evidence of unrest, there’s no reason not to move about. However, pay attention to everything that’s going on around you and be ready to get out of the area if anything unexpected happens.

If you do get caught up in a protest, remain calm. Seek shelter away from the center of the activity, and look for a safe way out of the crowd. 

Listen to the News

Local news stations will give extensive coverage to any potential instances of unrest in the coming days. You should check their reports regularly if you’re planning on going anywhere.

Even violent protesters rarely set out to hurt bystanders. As long as you maintain an awareness of everything that’s going on around you, you should be able to keep yourself safe.

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