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South Korean President Tells Joe Biden to Follow Trump’s N. Korea Achievements

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Despite the near-ceaseless negative media coverage Donald Trump has received for the last four years, some of his achievements are impossible to deny. Those in the field of international diplomacy are probably the most significant, particularly his work to foster better relations with North Korea.

This was significant; not just for America, but for North Korea’s neighbors as well. On Monday, January 18, South Korea’s leader made a statement urging Joe Biden to continue the work Donald Trump started in this regard. Moon Jae-in has worked tirelessly to manage the military threat posed by his country’s northern neighbor during his tenure. He had a key role to play in arranging the summits between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in 2019.

Joe Biden might have his work cut out for him from the very start when it comes to North Korea. Just two weeks ago, Kim threatened to expand his cache of nuclear weapons in a move analysts see as an attempt to put pressure on the incoming White House administration.

Kim Jong-un’s North Korea is an oppressive and dangerous regime. Trump’s interactions with North Korean leadership have not neutralized this risk entirely, but they have managed to keep us, and the world, safe. At a time when the likes of Iran, Russia, and China are also posing threats to American interests, this is one threat we could do without.

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