Saturday, January 28, 2023

Sotomayor Shocks Crowd Defending Clarence Thomas…

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( – Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor stunned Democrats across the country and defended  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during a lecture at Roosevelt University in Chicago on Thursday evening.

She said, and every Dem should read this before they attack Thomas:

“I have disagreed with Thomas more than with any other justice. Which means we don’t come together on many cases. And yet I can tell you that I spend time with him, understanding that he is one of the few justices who knows practically everybody in our building. 

“He knows their name, he knows the things about their life, what their family is suffering. He’ll tell me, you know that person’s wife is sick right now, or that person’s child is having difficulty.

“There’s no other justice who does that. I try, but he does it better. He cares about people. Now, he cares on legal interests differently. 

“And he sees those legal issues much differently than I do. I tell people, you know Clarence believes, just like him, because he grew up very, very poor, that everyone is capable of picking themselves up by their bootstraps. 

“I understand that some people can’t reach their bootstraps. That’s a fundamental difference in how we view what the law can or should or does do for people. But I can appreciate him.”

Thursday was not the first time that Sotomayor has spoken positively about Clarence Thomas’ character, even as she does not back his legal rulings.

At an event hosted by the American Constitution Society in June, Sotomayor said that she has probably disagreed with Thomas “more than any other justice,” but the two have a friendship partly because he is someone “who cares deeply about the Court as an institution—about the people who work here.”

She and Thomas share a “common understanding about people and kindness,” she added.

Conservative legal scholar Jonathan Turley said,”Sotomayor’s words will likely be ignored by most critics and the personal attacks on the justices will not only continue but increase with another term brimming with major challenges in areas like voting rights and affirmative action.”

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