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Social Media Platforms Under Attack After Their Radical Decisions

( – Throughout 2020, it became increasingly obvious that tech companies had serious aspirations to influence political speech. Their restriction of, for example, the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop made obvious their bias against Conservatives.

On Thursday, January 7, Facebook took its most drastic measure yet to curtail free speech when it banned Donald Trump from the platform. The president was also removed from Twitter earlier in the week, though he was allowed to resume using the service after 12 hours. 

While Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has consistently favored Liberal messages in the past, he has resisted calls to actively limit Donald Trump’s account until recently. Critics note that this change in attitude probably relates to the changing government. It’s more politically savvy for him to come down heavily on Trump with Democrats set to wield more power from now until 2022.

Whatever the logic behind these moves to de-platform the president, they should offend every right-thinking American. Unless we all learn to deal with opinions we don’t like, we have no hope of maintaining a free and fair democratic republic.

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