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Seattle Hospital Angers Many for Offering Covid-19 Vaccines to Donors

( – There’s been some debate about the way COVID-19 vaccinations should be distributed. However, because the majority of the population must receive an inoculation before we can fully remove restrictions, most people agree it should be given for free. Of course, things like this don’t always go to plan. 

While no system is perfect, a person’s wealth or donation status should definitely NOT be the determining factor. This is reportedly what happened at the Overlake Medical Center in Seattle, when vaccine access was prioritized for financial donors to the center on Friday, January 22. The company’s Chief Development Officer sent out 500 emails advertising new appointment slots. Individuals who had donated “more than $10,000” were allegedly given special application links to sign up. This certainly doesn’t adhere to the state-established guidelines

The institution has since commented on the issue. Chief Operating Officer Tom DeBord said it was part of their attempt to “increase capacity” and admitted the system of prioritizing vaccinations for donors “wasn’t the best way to do it.”

Clearly, this is not an acceptable framework for the distribution of vaccines. We can only hope that such abuse of our systems is not allowed to persist in months to come.

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