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Sean Hannity Slams Biden’s Disgraceful Memorial Day Statements

( – Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day has been an official federal holiday since 1971. On the last Monday of May every year, it celebrates the American men and women who have lost their lives during military service. To listen to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, however, you’d think it was some kind of nationwide spring break.

On Tuesday, June 1, Fox News’ Sean Hannity strongly criticized President Biden for the tweet below, in which he directs Americans to “stay cool” over the weekend. Hannity pointed out that the president would be far better off discussing the reason for the celebration than trivializing it in this way.

Vice President Kamala Harris also found herself in trouble for referring to the somber event in a flippant way. She directed Americans to “enjoy the long weekend” via Twitter last Saturday.

When our president and vice president show this little respect for the patriots who give their lives for America, can we really trust that they have the nation’s best interests in mind when setting out policies?

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