Sean Hannity Says Media Can Save “Phony BS” Lectures About Election Results

Sean Hannity Says Media Can Save

( – Since November 3, we may have witnessed the most fractured scene ever in American politics. Many Conservatives have highlighted the need for an objective examination of the election results. Rather than consider this a reasonable and perfectly legal idea, Liberal commentators have instead chosen to accuse Conservatives of trying to bring down democracy.

On Monday, November 30, Fox News’ Sean Hannity called out these figures on his TV show. He referred to the “media mob” who denied Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, but now couldn’t accept there were legitimate issues with this election. He also denounced Democrat politicians and their donors.

Hannity pointed out the hypocrisy of those who lecture others about integrity, despite having made similar moves themselves when their candidate lost in 2016. He also reminded us of the lies the Left told about Trump’s involvement in the Russian interference in that election.

Anyone who’s been following the news closely over the last few weeks might find it difficult to disagree with Sean Hannity here. The bias against Donald Trump that has prevailed in the media over the last four years has hit its peak since November’s vote. Whatever the ultimate outcome of the election, the Democrats (and their media cheerleaders) may have done irreversible harm to their reputations.

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