Thursday, February 2, 2023

Sean Hannity Reveals How NYC’s New Order Targets Minorities

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( – The debate around vaccine passports is gathering steam. As inoculations are now available to all those who want them in many areas, some governments are incentivizing people to get jabbed to keep vaccination rates climbing. In some instances, though, these “incentives” look suspiciously like coercion, and they may be unfairly targeting people already at a disadvantage.

On Tuesday, August 3, New York City’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that proof of vaccination is set to become a requirement for anyone entering various types of indoor businesses, such as gyms and restaurants, in the city. The program will begin on August 16, and is scheduled to be fully in place by September 13.

Predictably, some have slammed this measure, including Fox News’ Sean Hannity. In response to de Blasio’s announcement, Hannity reasoned that it was hypocritical of the Democrat to favor a vaccine passport while opposing voter ID laws. This is a comparison that has also gained traction in the online community.

Continuing, Hannity pointed out that these new rules would disproportionately affect the black community, as only about 33% of black people in New York City have been vaccinated. Essentially, Hannity remarked, the rule would serve to bar two-thirds of African-Americans from “restaurants… concerts… venues, [and] theaters.”

Sounds like a strange policy for a party so vehemently against racism, doesn’t it?

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