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Russian Bombers Deployed During Wartime ‘Exercise’

( – The United States and Russia have been long-time adversaries and rivaling powers of the world. The Cold War was troubling for both sides as fears of nuclear warfare ran through Capitalist America and Communist Soviet Union. Now, decades later, the two powers have toned things down some, but Russia’s recent exercises are raising some eyebrows. 

Military exercises are crucial to ensuring all aspects of a country’s fighting force are ready for action. Russia isn’t the only country conducting such practices, but how they’re executing them is concerning. 

On November 11, two Russian Tu-160 bombers performed mock bombing runs over the Belarus-Poland border. The recent wartime exercises mark the second day in a row Russia has sent bombers on strategic runs above the disputed border to support Belarus, their ally. 

The European Union has scrutinized Belarus for its apparent “hybrid attack” on neighboring Poland as it forces migrants across the border. Russia’s Tu-160s are nuclear capable, so concern with the Russian government simulating bombing runs with them is understandable. While Russia is showing support of Belarus, Poland is a close ally of the United States, and military action could spark a conflict between the two powers.

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