Rush Limbaugh: “No Way” Biden Won Fairly

Rush Limbaugh:

( – The major media news organizations have all declared Joe Biden president-elect. This is despite the fact we’re still waiting for the results of recounts and legal challenges in several states. Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh openly disputed MSM’s declaration.

Rush Limbaugh’s View

While the big networks have all picked their winner, not every media figure has followed suit. On Monday, November 9, Rush Limbaugh declared his belief that Joe Biden had not won the presidential election fairly. He made the comments on his own show as a follow-up to remarks he made the previous Friday. 

On the former occasion, he appeared to suggest Joe Biden had claimed the White House. Limbauhg’s comments on Monday clarified his position, as he stated unequivocally that he did not believe Biden had triumphed. This belief, he claimed, was based on what he had “learned [and] seen” over the previous number of days. He went on to say a thorough investigation was necessary to learn the true outcome of the election.

Recount in Georgia

Twitter’s Liberals have, predictably, been quick to pour scorn on Limbaugh’s assertions. Of course, he isn’t the only person making these kinds of comments. A growing number of voices are calling for re-examination of the results in various closely-contested states. 

Their calls have not fallen on deaf ears; earlier this week, Georgia officials agreed to a full recount of the 5 million votes cast in the state. Georgia used machines for the initial count, but the recount will be conducted by hand. This is a move many Conservative figures have welcomed.

If the last four years have taught us anything, it’s that the mainstream media outlets have no problem wilfully distorting facts. The reality is, Joe Biden is not our official president-elect just yet. The only way to decisively assess who actually won the race is, as Limbaugh says, to investigate the contested states.

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