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Ronald McDonald House for Sick Children Attacked by Rioters

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Over the weekend of August 8-9, thousands of violent rioters stormed the streets of Chicago. More than 100 people were arrested during the incident, 2 were shot, and 13 police officers were injured. Throughout the entire ordeal, they destroyed property of all kinds and looted stores.

They even went after a charity house for sick kids. Seriously.

WLS-TV reported the rioters smashed the doors at the Ronald McDonald House located near the Lurie Children’s Hospital in downtown Chicago. The Ronald McDonald House is a nonprofit charity that offers free housing for sick children and their families while they’re receiving treatment.

The vice president of the charity, Lisa Mitchell, said they were terrified during the attack. They feared the families and staff were in immediate danger.

At the time of the looters’ attack, there were more than 30 families with their sick kids inside the building. Thankfully, no one was injured during the violence, and there was no damage to the inside of the house. 

Authorities say they don’t know whether the Ronald McDonald House was specifically targeted or whether it was just caught up in the chaos. Either way, it’s unacceptable. 

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