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Roger Stone Says He Was Censored by Gmail

( – Lobbyist and political consultant Roger Stone is a long-time ally of former President Trump. Stone has found himself battling allegations and accusations against him, just as Trump and many other people close to the former president have. Recently, Stone sent out an email to donors that helped support his defense, thanking them and asking for additional funding, but many of the people on the list never received his letter. 

One person noted that the email they received on their Gmail account hadn’t gone to their inbox. Instead, they found it in their spam, or junk mail, folder. This particular user, Joe Hoft, a contributing editor at The Gateway Pundit (TGP) and the brother of TGP founder, Jim Hoft, noted that he’s communicated with Stone on several occasions. 

The question of why the email ended up in the spam folder began floating around the contributing editor’s mind. While the flag was likely nothing of ill-intent, as many emails containing requests for donations end up in the junk mail folders of many accounts, Hoft wonders if Google didn’t have anything to do with the email’s delivery. The question does bear some weight, as Google has been known to lean left politically, although it might be a far reach to formally accuse the software giant of any wrongdoing.

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