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Riots Lead to Use of “Explosives” in Seattle

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Since the death of George Floyd in May of this year, riots and violent protests have persisted across the US. In Seattle, one of the worst-affected cities, there was another night of destruction on Saturday, October 3. 

Rioters detonated homemade explosives in a coffee shop, causing serious property damage, and later threw similar devices at police officers. While these were the most serious criminal acts that occurred, they were by no means the only ones. 

Rioters inflicted extensive property damage on a number of major streets in the city center. Perhaps most disturbingly, they covered walls and windows with anti-police graffiti, much of which encouraged violence against law enforcement officers.

Despite the advanced state of unrest in Seattle, the city’s Democrat leaders have failed to come up with an effective response. This has forced the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to declare the area an “anarchist jurisdiction.” Around 16 arrests were made after the events of Saturday night.

At this point, it appears safe to say protesting is no longer the objective of those involved in rioting. While some protests may have started out with reasonable intentions, radicalized thugs have since taken over the movement. It’s time for the authorities to cast aside the pretense that these are legitimate protests, and come down on the perpetrators with the full force of the law.

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