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RFK Jr. Blasts Biden For Failing Americans…

(TheConservativeNews.org) – On Thursday, Democrat presidential candidate Robert Kennedy Jr. stated that he would “make the border impervious” if he was elected to office. He made the statement as Biden allows control of the border to slip as Title 42 expires. 

In a Fox News article, the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy rails on Biden’s utter failure to control the border and outlines what he would do to fix the problem. 

“I will make the border impervious,” the candidate states, “We cannot release people, illegal aliens across the border.” 

In the past few days, record numbers of migrants have been pouring across the southern American border. With over 10,000 migrants per day, border states and sanctuary cities have begun to buckle under the immense load.

Kennedy also made sure to note the effects that the United States has had on Latin American countries that allowed the migration problem to reach this boiling point.

“But we also need to recognize that this is a humanitarian crisis, and we need to fix the policies that have caused this mass migration, including decades of U.S. foreign policy that have imposed austerity on those governments, neoliberal policies that have encouraged the rise of the Junta military dictatorship that has trained and supported death squads in countries across Central America,” he explained.

The United States has had a history of interference with Central American politics, from overthrowing left-leaning democratic governments to installing totalitarian governments that kneel to the ‘Banana Republics’ of the time. The U.S. has long interfered in the inner workings of Latin America.

Kennedy says that “we are now reaping the whirlwind of years of misguided foreign policies, of warmongering foreign policy.”

Biden, in comparison, has shown plans to simply leave the border an open free-for-all for any migrant to freely swim across the Rio Grande into the United States.

Biden’s policy is already being contested in court, with Florida’s attorney general filing a lawsuit against the administration for their failure to establish a proper policy.


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