Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Rev. Jesse Jackson: Situation in Chicago Is ‘Humiliating’

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( – The Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots in Chicago have gotten completely out of hand. On August 10, many members of the group gathered outside of the South Loop police station, showing support for more than 100 protesters. The problem is those individuals had been arrested for crimes, like looting, just the day before.

BLM is perfectly fine with all of the criminal activity. One of the leaders actually called looting “reparations.” But it’s not sitting well with most Americans. Even some on the Left are starting to speak out about it.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) was initially tolerant of the rioting, but she’s now calling it “deeply painful.” 

Another Democrat condemning the violence is civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson.

Jackson is trying to reach the BLM crowd to let them know their criminal behavior can’t be associated with social justice and equality. He wants to end the rioting and looting because it’s not a good look for the Left. Time will tell if the Chicago rioters will take his advice. So far, they seem much more interested in continuing as they have.

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