Reserve Bank of New Zealand Breached By Hackers – US Next?

Reserve Bank of New Zealand Breached By Hackers - US Next?

( – National security is an ever-present discussion in the United States, but our attention in relation to the topic is often misplaced. In 2021, bullets and bombs pose less of a threat to our safety than cyberattacks.

On Sunday, January 10, we saw just how dangerous online criminals can be. A statement released by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand revealed that one of the servers it uses to store sensitive information had been hacked. Authorities are, as yet, unable to confirm the identity of the attacker.

This comes just weeks after what some are describing as the worst data breach in US government history. Detected in December of last year, the Sunburst hack affected a plethora of government departments and federal agencies, as well as large private enterprises. Authorities believe Russian officials were behind the attack.

It’s obvious cyber-criminals pose one of the biggest current threats to our society. Now that hackers have developed sufficiently advanced strategies to breach the security systems of government bodies and major corporations, there’s no limit to the damage they could cause.

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