Republicans Are Fighting Back Against Disinformation…

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( – Republicans are determined to defund the Biden administration’s Disinformation Governance Board, even if that means shutting down the government.

“House GOP Republicans, including the offices of Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), said that Republicans would support using the government’s annual spending bill as a way to remove funding for the Department of Homeland Security’s new disinformation board, which the GOP sees as a vessel to censor conservative speech,” the Washington Examiner reported Sunday.

According to the Examiner, “some” Republicans are even “willing to shut down the government if Democrats resist.”

“We’re open to removing the funding for this board in any way necessary, including the appropriations and government funding process, because this board is tyrannical. We’re willing to go to the mattresses over this,” Boebert’s communications director told the Examiner.

Another Republican, Rep. Dan Bishop, said he agrees.

“We should use the power of the purse to stop this disinformation craziness that the Biden administration is doing. But we should use that power for other things too, like securing the border, because the Democrats need us for certain things like keeping the government open, and we should use that leverage to get what we want,” Bishop told the Examiner.

Republicans should, in general, act “far more aggressive” in regard to the nation’s purse, he added.

“To avoid a government shutdown, Democrats will have to allow this disinformation board to have its wings clipped,” an unnamed senior House Republican aide told the Examiner.

“Democrats won’t want to be known for shutting down the government over a controversial and politically unpopular disinformation board with the midterms around the corner. Republicans will have a field day attacking them relentlessly on this.”

While these words of an aide aren’t necessarily indicative of what GOP leaders themselves think, they’re still a good sign.

All this comes as anger continues to mount over the Disinformation Governance Board and its assigned leader, Nina Jankowicz, a radical far-leftist who thinks any dissenting facts and opinions are a form of so-called “disinformation.”

This includes opinions on Vice President Kamala Harris’s sordid rise to the top, opinions on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s proven marriage to her brother, facts about the Biden family’s corrupt business dealings in Ukraine, and the simple, biologically rooted fact that a man is a man, regardless of how he identifies himself.

Jankowicz is also a supporter of critical race theory, a racial essentialist ideology that seeks to organize all people into a racial hierarchy where the supposed “oppressed” are granted the most rights and the supposed “oppressors” are granted the least.

They’re based on the idea that the discrimination and injustices committed in the past by whites and males can only be rectified by modern discrimination and injustice against whites and males.

According to reports, Jankowicz even includes quotes from the founder of CRT in her 2020 book, “How to Lose the Information War: Russia, Fake News, and the Future of Conflict.”

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