Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Republican Relief Package Fails in the Senate

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( – Negotiations have been fraught with frustration in the weeks leading up to the vote on the smaller stimulus bill put forth by GOP senators. Democrats demanded far greater relief than the bill would eventually offer, which would determine its ultimate fate.

On September 10, the more reasonable stimulus package was shot down. It would’ve provided federal unemployment insurance of $300 per week, as well as offered small business loans and financial relief for educational institutions.

Despite complaints from Democrats that the bill’s provisions were inadequate, the fact remains that their refusal to work with Republicans has left America worse off. This is yet another instance of bipartisan squabbling taking precedence over the interests of ordinary people. 

We saw a similar failure to cooperate earlier this year when Democrats refused to pass an initial relief bill under similar circumstances. As seen below, the similarities between now and then are striking.

The package’s failure is another blow to those hit hardest by the pandemic. This comes at a time when infection rates continue to rise and many areas remain in lockdown mode. It now looks likely that executive orders from President Donald Trump will be necessary to keep our most vulnerable citizens safe.

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