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Republican Governors Demand Answers Regarding the Southern Border

( – The Southern Border is seeing a surge in illegal immigration, and the humanitarian crisis that started there is now spreading like a virus to all states within the union. Republican leaders have come together demanding President Biden to take action. 

In a letter signed by 26 GOP governors, leaders call upon the president to schedule a meeting within 15 days of the letter’s date, September 20, 2021. They hope to talk about how they can help secure the border, protect US citizens and those immigrants seeking citizenship. As resources diminish, migrants have to fend for themselves, living in makeshift encampments under the Del Rio International Bridge.

The letter to President Biden describes how governors have stepped up and sent resources to the border to provide relief. However, the message also mentions that it’s not the states’ job to get involved with the border. The GOP leaders assert that it’s the president’s duty to enforce immigration laws as described by the supreme law in the Constitution. 

The letter further criticizes the Biden administration for leaving the states to deal with the crisis it created. The governors admit US immigration laws are complex; they also believe the solution is simple, calling upon President Biden to restore security at the border, protect American families and end the crisis. 

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