REPORT: Trump Still Has Paths to Win 2020 Election

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( – By now, there are very few challenges to the mainstream media narrative that Joe Biden is our president-elect. However, this won’t truly be the case until Congress certifies the winner by counting electoral votes on January 6. The results of recounts and legal appeals are still outstanding, and until we see them, Donald Trump still has the potential to be president for the next four years.

To see exactly how that might come to pass, we need to examine the state of affairs in each state where results are contested.


After weeks of uncertainty in Arizona, there are still questions to be answered. Gov. Doug Ducey (R) has certified the election for Biden. However, there are now reports that sample analysis has uncovered instances of fraud. 


This is the state in which Donald Trump launched the majority of his challenges to the election’s outcome. While they’ve not been successful at state level, his legal team has stated its intention to bring a case before the US Supreme Court.


There have been several controversies around the vote-counting process in Georgia, including an alleged burst pipe in the Atlanta Hawks stadium which delayed ballot processing for four hours. Donald Trump carried a strong lead into election night, but this evaporated once postal votes were counted. 

Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are both currently pursuing lawsuits in Georgia.


There’s an outstanding lawsuit in Nevada which is seeking to either have Trump declared the winner of the state, or else have the votes set aside. The suit alleges illegal voting took place in favor of Joe Biden.


A lawsuit is underway seeking to establish that 220,000 of the Biden votes in Wisconsin were illegally cast. As Biden’s current lead in the state is only around 20,000, success here would win the state for Trump.

Trump or Biden? 

Make no mistake; the odds are stacked against President Trump. As you can see, however, there are several ways he could still reclaim the White House. We will have to await the outcomes of the appeals and recounts in the above states to see for sure who will lead the country until 2024.

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