REPORT: Bill Clinton Reportedly Met Ghislaine Maxwell In “Secret” In 2014

REPORT: Bill Clinton Reportedly Met Ghislaine Maxwell In

( – An explosive report detailing a dinner Bill Clinton attended with Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman accused of trafficking children for Jeffrey Epstein, was released on Tuesday, September 22. The report alleges the dinner occurred in secret in 2014, long after Maxwell and Epstein’s crimes became public knowledge. It was held at an upmarket Los Angeles restaurant and may have had as many as 20 guests.

Clinton acknowledges his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, but insists their relationship ended when evidence of Epstein’s sex crimes came to light. The former president also claims never to have visited Epstein’s home in the Virgin Islands, where many of his crimes took place. However, a deposition from one of Epstein’s alleged victims implies Clinton did, in fact, visit the property.

With a presidential election only weeks away, the timing of this revelation could hardly be worse for the Democrats. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have voiced their support for Joe Biden in the race; this news can only hurt their credibility. Of course, the mainstream media has been pretty much silent on this story.

It now seems likely Bill Clinton had insider knowledge of Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal activities. The fact Clinton is still revered in Democratic circles is evidence the party will overlook almost anything as long as it furthers their political agenda.

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