Saturday, January 28, 2023

Rep. Donalds Says Biden Will Face Trial…

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( – Donald Trump made history by becoming the first president to survive two impeachment trials. However, one Republican lawmaker recently said Trump’s successor could soon face a trial of his own.

According to Real Clear Politics, that was the message Florida Republican Rep. Byron Donalds conveyed to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.

“The speaker has been very clear about what’s going to happen,” Donalds said of newly elected House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

“We’re going to have a select committee just to investigate China and all the things that the CCP is doing to not only influence here in the United States, but also to take jobs away from Americans over the years,” he explained, stressing, “We’re going to get to the bottom of that.”

However, the Florida lawmaker added that another priority would be conducting an investigation of “what the Biden family has been doing for the last several years and its implications on the Biden domestic and international agenda.”

Donalds was quick to draw a distinction between how Republicans planned to handle Biden the way opponents of former President Trump had operated.

“What we witnessed when the Democrats were in control was that they picked the target, which was President Trump, and they did everything they could to try to damage him in any possible way,” he said.

“What Republicans are committing to do is going through the investigation process. We want the evidence to speak for itself,” Donalds insisted.

“We want the American people to see that,” he declared. “And if the conclusions become clear that there are high crimes and misdemeanors that have been committed, then we will be pushing forward with the next necessary course of action.”

“I don’t want to make commitments to you today, because we want the investigations to speak for themselves,” Donalds said as he drew to a close.

“We don’t want to do what the Democrats did, which is weaponize the impeachment process for political purposes. We want to let the evidence speak for themselves. You have my commitment on that,” he concluded.

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