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Reformed Laws Passed to Protect Future Elections

( – State lawmakers across the country have been pushing for election reform since last year’s presidential vote was marred by controversy around potential fraud. GOP representatives, in particular, have been anxious to tighten up the rules around things like absentee ballots. However, the push to update rules in this area hasn’t just come from conservatives. 

In Kentucky, a broad bipartisan effort has seen a sweeping voter reform bill pass the state’s General Assembly on a vote of 91-3. The legislation went to Democratic Governor Andy Beshear’s desk on Monday, March 29; a member of his administration has said he will decide on the bill within 10 days. 

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams (R) said he ran on the campaign slogan, “make it easy to vote and hard to cheat,” something he hopes the new law will achieve. Kentuckians will have three days of early in-person voting under the terms of the law, as well as the opportunity to fix rejected absentee ballots.

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