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Red Wave Flips Another Dem Seat…

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Last year, multiple states saw “red waves” hit during election season. This included swing states like Virginia, where major Republican upsets swept the nation.

Florida already leans right thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis, but there are still plenty of heavy blue districts. That’s where Joe Biden got significant traction during the 2020 presidential election.

However, the GOP continues to surge — and they keep flipping the odds in their favor.

Duval County in Jacksonville, Florida, was once a very blue area, and one of several that went with Biden in 2020. Democrats were hoping to hold onto the district throughout Biden’s term.

But the tide has shifted dramatically.

In a recent city council election, Republican Nick Howland flipped a previously Democrat seat by defeating his left-wing opponent, Trayce Polson, earning nearly 52% of the vote.

Howland brought in 68,599 votes while Polson got 64,113, a gap of over 4,000 votes. The seat in question was left vacant due to the passing of former council member Tommy Hazouri.

This is revenge for Howland, as he had previously lost to Polson by a slim margin of 400 votes. And it shows the significant swing in voter preferences in the area.

From Breitbart:

Republican Nick Howland flipped a Jacksonville, Florida, city council seat in a heavy Democrat district that swung for President Biden in 2020.

‘With Howland’s victory, Republicans hold a 14-5 margin over Democrats in the City Council,’ reported First Coast News.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) were quick to applaud the results, claiming this hints at even bigger wins down the line.

They’ve been saying a gigantic “red wave” is inevitable during the upcoming midterm elections, and RNC spokeswoman Julia Friedland highlighted the ineffectiveness of Democrats in Florida:

All three of Florida’s unimpressive Democrat gubernatorial candidates campaigned for Democrat Tracye Polson as Val Demings offered a “ strong endorsement” from the sidelines.

Polson’s loss in a county that went blue for Joe Biden in 2020 is a resounding rejection of Joe Biden’s failed agenda and the politicians who stand idly by it.

Duval County is likely surprised by this turn of events, though the district might be returning to its roots.

Historically, the County hadn’t voted for a Democrat president since Jimmy Carter in 1976. So the pro-Biden vote was a departure from the nearly 50-year norm.

But it seems this area is yet another that’s showing signs of “buyer’s remorse” in regards to Biden, and to Democrat rule in general. It’s a common trend we’re seeing across the country, in fact.

And all this heralds a changing of the guard very soon, and it could all begin in the fall with the midterm elections.

Republicans are reportedly poised to flip the House — they only need a net gain of 5 seats, and some polling says they’re in line to score more than double that. They could also flip the Senate with a net gain of just 1 seat.

On top of this, given the extremely low approval ratings for the current administration, it seems like Republicans are on the verge of reclaiming complete control between now and 2024.


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