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Protestors Surround Journalist’s Home After Arrest of City Council Candidate

( – We’ve seen no shortage of protests this year, peaceful or otherwise. On the night of Sunday, October 12, the New York borough of Brooklyn set the scene for another demonstration.

This time, however, it was not Black Lives Matter (BLM) or Antifa figures behind the protest. They were supporters of Heshy Tischler, a candidate for the New York City Council. Tischler was placed under arrest for the false imprisonment of journalist Jacob Kornbluh, after he was cornered by a large group (allegedly directed by Tischler) in Borough Park. After Tischler’s arrest, a group of his supporters gathered at Kornbluh’s house, incensed by the perceived injustice of Tischler’s detainment.

Tischler, an Orthodox Jew, has been an outspoken critic of the COVID-19 restrictions in his area of Brooklyn. The measures, which Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) brought in by way of an executive order last week, limit the size of religious congregations and affect mainly Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods. 

In spite of Tischler’s efforts, the restrictions in his area will continue. City agents have handed out in excess of $150,000 in fines across the area in respect of lockdown breaches since Friday.

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