Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Protesters Honor Transgender School Shooter…

( – A video has surfaced online appearing to show anti-gun protesters at the Tennessee state capitol honoring the Nashville transgender elementary school shooter as a ‘tragic’ victim.

Left-wing protests have been ongoing at the capitol since Monday’s transgender terrorist attack on a Christian elementary school that killed six, including three children just nine years of age.

Democrat state lawmakers joined the revolt which, in some circles, would be considered an ‘insurrection.’

Chants of “no justice, no peace” and “save our children” could be heard throughout the chamber as protesters demanded gun control in the wake of the mass shooting.

In a shocking video obtained and posted by Breitbart News seemingly shows protesters adding the shooter to a moment of reflection about the latest victims of ‘gun violence.’

“Every death is a tragedy, ya’ll. Seven lives,” the person advises the swarming crowd.

Following his words, several of those occupying the chamber can be seen holding up seven fingers in honor of the six people who were slaughtered at the Nashville elementary school and the transgender terrorist who slaughtered them.

Some of those in attendance, despite the comments made, refuse to hold up seven fingers and keep the count at six.

But there are a number who hold up five fingers high on one hand, and two on the other.


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