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Protester Confesses on Camera That He Was Paid

(TheConservativeNews.org) – Both houses of Congress met to certify the electoral college votes on Wednesday, January 6. However, what happened inside the chambers was quickly overshadowed by what went on outside as hordes of protesters stormed the Capitol building.

Because most of those involved were sporting Trump memorabilia, media commentators were quick to portray what happened as a “pro-Trump” demonstration. There is, as yet, insufficient evidence to say exactly who was involved or who orchestrated the protest. In fact, it’s possible the invasion of the Capitol building may have been the work of a secret group who paid people to attend.

In the video below, a man complains of an injury he sustained during the events. He then goes on to claim he was “paid to pretend to protest” by an unnamed benefactor. He further states this was “an organized effort.”

This video has spread rapidly since its first appearance on social media. Though it’s not possible to verify the man’s identity or the veracity of his claims at this time, it should give us all pause for thought.

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