Protest Organized After Government Threatens Business Owner

Protest Organized After Government Threatens Business Owner

( – Since the onset of the pandemic in March of last year, economic lockdowns and movement restrictions have been the subject of widespread controversy. Some cities and states have chosen to protect businesses and livelihoods by imposing only minimal restrictions. Others, however, have prioritized curbing the spread of the virus to a far greater extent, often damaging their economy in the process.

People are now speaking up against these measures.

Minnesota’s state government has taken the destructive approach. Governor Tim Walz’s (D) recent ban on indoor dining was the last straw for many people in the state.

On Sunday, January 3, just under 200 people marched in protest against the measure. The march was organized by Lisa Hanson, a bar owner who faces a five-year suspension of her liquor license because of her refusal to shut her doors in compliance with the order.

Hanson referred to her fellow demonstrators as “patriots,” and said the march was an opportunity to protest “in a peaceful way.” While she will get the chance to appear in court before any license ban is enforced, this is undoubtedly a worrying time for her and many other Minnesotans like her.

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