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Project Veritas Interview Leaves Many Questioning Vaccines

( – The COVID-19 vaccine is a significant source of controversy in the US. Almost everyone holds some kind of position, whether they view the injection as a life-saving grace or a questionable and poorly-tested experimental drug. Right-leaning activists from Project Veritas recently made their feelings known when they shared a “leaked” video interview with a scientist who allegedly works for Pfizer.

In the video, Chris Croce, who says he once served as a Senior Associate Scientist at Pfizer, claims that the body’s natural immune response to COVID-19 protects people for a longer period of time than the vaccination. 

Croce also calls Pfizer an evil corporation driven by monetary gain. The scientist accuses the drug manufacturer of running their operations on “COVID money” — funds collected from the government and the sale of vaccines.

Back in February, Pfizer said it expected to make $15 billion from vaccine sales throughout 2021. It also forecasted a total revenue of $59.4 billion and $61.4 billion over the same year.

Does Project Veritas’ leaked video really prove Pfizer focuses on profits over ensuring the safety of vaccines? If science proves the human body is more effective at fighting the virus than any medication or drug, it could significantly alter the playing field. 

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