Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Pro-Trump Senior Citizens Assaulted Near White House

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America’s liberals have reached a new low with the attack of two senior citizens wearing Trump 2020 shirts.  The attack occurred as protestors gathered near the White House last evening.  The elderly couple walked by the protestors while wearing their Trump 2020 t-shirts.  The couple was inundated with verbal threats and orders to “Get the *#&$ out!”  In fact, some of these threats were transmitted for everyone to hear through a megaphone.  When the elderly couple was directed to “get out” by one of the protestors, the elderly man inquired as to why he and his significant other should leave. 

A Bad Situation Gets Worse

Witnesses to the ugly scene report a female protester ran toward the elderly couple, pushing the man in an attempt to knock him to the ground.  However, the elderly man was able to continue walking even as more protestors pushed him.  Witnesses to the scene report the elderly man was on-site to watch the fireworks as President Trump promised would be set off by the National Mall after he accepted the Republican presidential nomination.

Sadly, protestors threw water onto the elderly couple as they walked adjacent to the White House.  In fact, one protestor even sucker-punched the elderly man, sending him to the pavement.  Julio Rosas, a journalist with Townhall, reported the elderly man had blood on his face following the attack. 

A Chaotic Scene on What Should Have Been a Drama-free Night

The attack occurred as additional protestors grouped together along the South lawn of the White House to protest President Trump’s acceptance speech.  Those who watched the event likely heard police sirens going off in the background during President Trump’s speech. 

In fact, some of those who were on-site indicate additional sirens, potentially from disruptive protestors, were also sounded during Trump’s speech in an attempt to drown out his words.  However, Trump continued with his monologue, unphased by the noise pollution, delivering a memorable speech that should help him defeat Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

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