President Trump Doubles Down on the use of Federal Law Enforcement in Kenosha


President Trump has drawn considerable criticism for sending federal law enforcement to Kenosha, Wisconsin.  However, Trump is not backing down after the blowback from the media and liberals throughout Wisconsin and beyond.  In fact, President Trump is making it perfectly clear he is willing to send even more federal forces to Kenosha to maintain law and order.

Wisconsin Willingly Accepted the Assistance of Federal Forces

President Trump discussed the use of federal law enforcement with Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers earlier this week.  Evers accepted Trump’s offer to dispatch federal forces to riot-plagued Kenosha in an attempt to put a stop to the destructive violence. 

Trump has done a fantastic job of maintaining law and order amidst violent riots throughout the country in recent months.  His decision to provide Kenosha law enforcement with additional assistance from federal forces will likely prove quite prudent.  As Trump stated on Twitter, he and his administration will not stand for “lawlessness on American streets.”

President Trump’s Decision to use Federal Forces is Stopping Violent Riots

Wisconsin’s Governor was not forced to accept the assistance of federal law enforcement.  Rather, he was offered this additional assistance from President Trump and accepted on Wednesday.  Governor Evers also stated he would hike the deployment of National Guard members up to 500 after deploying 250 members one day earlier.  The president will likely send either Department of Homeland Security agents or National Guard troops to Kenosha to keep the riots under control.

It is particularly interesting to note Governor Evers turned down the offer of federal forces on Tuesday, only to backtrack on Wednesday and accept the offer after riots in Kenosha worsened.  Two individuals were shot and passed away as a result of the riots.  Another was shot and injured, making Evers’ decision to accept the assistance of federal forces that much easier.