Tuesday, February 7, 2023

President Trump Characterizes the Democratic Convention as Gloomy and an Attack on America

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President Trump Characterizes the Democratic Convention as Gloomy and an Attack on America

President Trump is making waves for his damming yet accurate description of the Democratic convention as nothing but an attack on the United States.  Trump also described the convention as gloomy.  Any sane person who watched the convention should admit it was nothing but a bunch of hot air from Joe Biden’s legion of cheerleaders.  Trump also stated the Democrats used their convention as a platform to attack our great country as “horrible” and “racist”.

Trump Responds to Biden’s Speech

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Presidential candidate Joe Biden gave a supposedly epic speech (if you believe the mainstream media) during Thursday’s portion of the Democrat Convention.  However, those who listened closely to Biden’s convention speech agreed he mischaracterized the country as mired in a period of darkness. 

The rarely-discussed truth is just about every country in the world is struggling at the moment, battling COVID-19, donning facemasks and dealing with an economic recession.  However, plenty of Americans are succeeding.  Unemployment is gradually decreasing, the stock market is reaching new highs and the sun will come out tomorrow.  However, Biden insists the country is in a period of darkness that will not end unless he is elected President. 

In reality, if Biden were elected President, he would merely implement a nationwide face covering policy that would do little to slow the spread of the virus, ramp up taxes and possibly cut Social Security.  These results of a Biden presidency would be the real period of darkness.

When President Trump stated the Democrats held the gloomiest, angriest and darkest convention in the country’s history, he was completely accurate.  Those who tuned in to the convention agree it was nothing more than four consecutive days of attacking the land of the free and home of the brave.  Though America certain has its racist elements, it is not the horrible country Democrats make it out to be.

Trump Shines the Spotlight on his Pre-covid Economy

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Trump went on to recall his administration’s unparalleled economic success prior to the spread of coronavirus.  One has to wonder what the Democrat’s convention would have sounded like if we were not in the midst of a pandemic.  In other words, America is not the dark place Biden makes it out to be, especially prior to a pandemic – an event President Trump did not bring about on his own.  

After touting America’s economy prior to the spread of the virus, Trump went on to praise the doctors, nurses and first responders who acted heroically in response to the pandemic.  As Trump pointed out, he sees greatness where Biden sees darkness.  If everything goes as planned, America will return to its greatness just a head of the election with the stock market chugging along and the unemployment rate decreasing, creating the “super v” economic recovery as predicted by President Trump.  The only thing that can stop America’s return to prominence is a Joe Biden presidency.

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