President Predicts Unemployment Drop

President Predicts Unemployment Drop

( – President Donald Trump made a number of predictions about the immediate future of our economy during his press briefing on Monday, September 7. Citing job creation and stock market performance, the president claimed 2021 could be one of the best economic years in US history. Recent Labor Department statistics show unemployment has fallen sharply since the onset of the pandemic in March of this year, vindicating the Trump Administration’s recent economic policies.

President Trump also warned America of the economic danger posed by a Democrat government. 

Pointing to the huge quantities of agricultural produce that China has bought up in recent weeks, Trump stated the Communist country would “own” the US under a Biden presidency. He also warned of the emerging powers of Iran and other nations. Trump’s comments come in the context of sustained Democratic reluctance to cooperate on economic policy. 

As the election race heats up, observations like these will become more and more relevant. Despite the continuing efforts of left-leaning commentators to dismiss Donald Trump, the statistics very clearly show he’s the best person to lead America out of the COVID-19 crisis.

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