Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Polls Show Republicans Are Still on Trump’s Side

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( – The mainstream media’s bias against President Donald Trump has kicked into overdrive in the last week or so. However, that doesn’t mean the president’s supporter base has gone away.

On Wednesday, January 13, an Axios/Ipsos poll was released, which detailed voter sentiment about Trump in the wake of the events that happened last week at the Capitol Building. The survey published responses from both Conservative and Liberal voters.

According to the research, most Republicans still think Trump was right to challenge the reported result of the election. A majority also think he’s the right person to take the GOP nomination for the presidential election in 2024. Unsurprisingly, the numbers reveal that few Republican voters support Democratic attempts to have him impeached or otherwise removed from office.

Predictably, the left-leaning interviewees had something different to say. Of the participants, 92% of those who described themselves as “liberal/progressive” favored removing Trump from office before the scheduled end of his presidential term.

This poll illustrates the growing gap between mainstream media narratives and what ordinary Americans actually think and feel. The phrase “silent majority” has never looked so accurate.

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