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Poll: Mike Pence Was Big Winner in VP Debate Over Harris

( – On Wednesday, October 7, we got to see the second presidential-related debate of 2020’s election season. This time, it was the two vice-presidential candidates who debated the big issues. VP Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) went head-to-head in Salt Lake City, Utah, in a discussion that covered COVID-19, the Supreme Court, and law enforcement, among other topics.

In a development that’s sure to delight Conservatives across the country, a Drudge Report poll has named Pence the clear winner. The poll, which surveyed 190,000 people, found 71% of those asked felt Pence outperformed Harris on the night.

Mike Pence is not in the news as often as other senior figures on Capitol Hill. However, Wednesday’s debate established him as a highly capable leader with a profound understanding of policy. He was at his strongest when picking apart the flaws in Democratic policy on issues like the Green New Deal.

Harris was also badly exposed when she could not provide an answer to a question about Supreme Court-packing. This issue also raised eyebrows in the first presidential debate, with Joe Biden refusing to confirm his position on the issue.

While vice-presidential candidates do not always make a huge impact on voters, they can be a decisive factor in a close race. This dominant display from Pence is a huge boost for the Trump campaign and gives the president a psychological edge ahead of his next clash with Joe Biden.

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