Monday, December 5, 2022

Police Pursuit Ends at a Fast Food Chain

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( – Have you ever heard a hungry person say they’d “kill for…” a certain food item? A donut, perhaps, or a candy bar? Generally speaking, people use the phrase as a rhetorical tool to illustrate how great their hunger is, not a literal expression of intent to commit homicide.

Recently, however, a woman in Massachusetts was overcome by her desire for McDonald’s to such an extent that she did, in fact, break the law for her burger and fries. She didn’t kill anyone, but she certainly did get herself in a lot more trouble than seems logical for the sake of some fast food.

On July 6, Johanna Gardell (38) stole a pick-up truck in Worcester, MA before crashing into another driver. When police arrived on the scene, she sped off, and a chase ensued. Gardell was driving dangerously, so police gave up the chase for public safety reasons — the truck had a GPS tracker in it, so the officers weren’t concerned about losing her.

Gardell may have been unaware of this fact, and it would partly explain why she decided to pull into a McDonald’s drive-thru to queue for food. The cops found her, but Gardell wasn’t done yet. She rammed a police cruiser before making an unsuccessful attempt at an off-road escape.

One police officer sustained injuries during the pursuit, but they’re reportedly not life-threatening. As for Gardell, she has been charged with 13 offenses arising from her incredibly odd crime spree.

Maybe next time she’ll try Burger King instead?

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