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Police Gets Caught Sending Explicit Photos to a Minor

( – Law enforcement officers are supposed to serve and protect the community where they work. In most cases, people see the police as good people. But sometimes, the individuals in charge of keeping order are causing the most harm. 

Mark Stinnard, a 37-year-old Pompton Lakes police officer, pleaded guilty to endangering a child on November 15. Officer Stinnard admitted that he’d had sex with and exchanged explicit photos and videos with a minor. In April 2018, authorities received a tip about an underage girl having sexual encounters with a Pompton Lakes officer. Investigators soon discovered that the officer in question was Officer Stinnard.

Stinnard’s attorney noted that the officer has taken full responsibility for his actions and is looking forward to putting the incident behind him. The attorney added that Stinnard regrets his actions. Pompton Lakes Police Chief Derek Clark asserted that Stinnard is suspended for three and a half years without pay. Prosecutors are asking for five years of probation with mandatory sex offender therapy; the officer is set to accept his sentence in January 2022. 

Stinnard isn’t the only police officer in his state who’s in trouble for sexual misconduct with a minor. Authorities recently arrested another Jersey City police officer for attempting to have intercourse with two underage girls. 

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