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Plane Evacuated After Passengers Received Threatening Messages

( – Ever since the events of September 11, 2001, the entire world has had a heightened sense of awareness around security in airports and on aircraft. Checks became more extensive, requirements became more stringent, and tolerance for bending of the rules fell to near-zero. Therefore, when something does happen on a plane nowadays, even something minor, the consequences can end up being severe.

On Thursday, July 22, staff at San Francisco International Airport were forced to evacuate a flight after a large number of passengers received a disturbing message via AirDrop, Apple’s file-sharing service. A teenage passenger sent a photo of an Airsoft gun via the service, delivering the image to many of those around him. 

After some of the passengers who received the image called attention to the situation, everyone had to get off the plane. Every passenger went through security a second time before the flight was allowed to proceed. The teenager was not allowed back on the flight. 

It was later determined that the youngster did not have the weapon with him, according to airport spokesman Doug Yakel. He took the photo earlier, at a different location. Yakel added that authorities decided to evacuate the plane “out of an abundance of caution.”

The young person involved will hopefully learn a lasting lesson from this experience.

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