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Plane Carrying Americans from Afghanistan Was Denied Entry

( – President Biden claims his top priority is getting Americans from Afghanistan. In any case, a plane with US citizens and green card holders is currently grounded, awaiting clearance to land in the United States. The evacuees are waiting in the United Arab Emirates.

A charter plane heading for the United States has been grounded after the US Customs and Border Protection took away its landing rights. Among the 117 people aboard the plane, 59 are children. Bryan Stern, the founder of Project Dynamo, noted that Customs and Border Protection wouldn’t allow the international flight into the US entry point because it was a private charter. 

An anonymous Biden administration official admitted they were unfamiliar with the issue but noted that the US usually verifies the manifest of chartered international flights, which they said takes time. Stern planned to move his passengers to a flight already cleared to land at John F. Kennedy International airport, provided by Ethiopian Airlines. 

The flight’s manifest includes 28 Americans, 83 people possessing green cards, and six Afghans who had worked for the US during the two-decade war which had gained special immigration visas. 

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