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Pete Buttigieg Condemned For His Lack Of Action…

( – On Monday, lawmakers began to condemn the Biden administration and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his lack of action on solving the current crisis impacting East Palestine, Ohio.

Last week, a train carrying hazardous chemicals derailed in northeastern Ohio causing residents to evacuate from the area. The accident led to many of the chemicals burning into the atmosphere, some chemicals reportedly contaminating streams and rivers, and leaving animals sick or dying nearby the derailment, as reported by the New York Post.

The chemicals released by the train derailment include vinyl chloride which is extremely hazardous. Professor Kevin Crist, the director of Ohio University’s Air Quality Center told ABC News. “Breathe those in under heavy concentrations, and it’s really bad for you,” Crist advised. “It’s like an acid mist. It’s not something that you want to be around in high concentrations.”

In addition to the noxious gases spreading throughout northeastern Ohio, the chemicals have also reportedly begun to contaminate the Ohio River, a source of water for millions of Americans as far away as West Virginia.

“Pete Buttigieg is nowhere to be found YET AGAIN as toxic chemicals are spewing out in East Palestine, Ohio after a train crash,” wrote Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO. “While he’s worried about “racist highways”, our nation’s transit systems are falling apart.”

“Pete Buttigieg has finally emerged today. Not a single comment about the train crash in Ohio,” she continued. “Instead, he bemoaned the whiteness of the construction industry. It’s a miracle that this country is able to function at all under this regime.”

“Any Presidential aspirations Buttigieg had before getting handed this position he has now are dead. He might be the biggest Cabinet failure in the entire Biden Regime… and you’re talking about a Cabinet that includes Mayorkas.”

“Perhaps one of our nation’s worst environmental catastrophes occurred this past week in East Palestine, Ohio where hazardous vinyl chloride & other toxic chemicals blew up,” wrote Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC).

“Silence from the press and the federal government is a dereliction of duty to the public,” stated former Congresswoman Mayra Flores. “Where is Pete Buttigieg? How will this Ohio train derailment affect our farmers, the nearby population, and our supply chain for Americans?”

As Ohio lays in chaos, the press in Washington doesn’t seem to care as one of the potentially largest ecological disasters in American history unfolds. During the daily White House Press Briefing, not a single reporter asked a question about the incident in East Palestine.

“It’s too bad that the people in Ohio currently being poisoned by the toxic fumes the government released into the air are mostly working-class white people,” wrote Daily Wire podcaster Matt Walsh. “They don’t check any of the identity boxes necessary for the Biden Administration to give a damn.”

As the Biden administration continues to fall asleep at the wheel, Americans are suffering. President Biden needs to take swift action with federal resources in order to solve this problem for residents.


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