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Pentagon Official Facing Serious Allegations

( – The importance of retaining privacy around sensitive data has become more and more obvious as technology has developed over the last number of years. Of course, as crucial as it is for ordinary people to keep their information private, it’s a far more pressing consideration for government operatives. If classified data gets into the wrong hands, it could have catastrophic consequences for America.

On Tuesday, June 29, Newsmax reported that Katie Arrington, the Pentagon official in charge of an important cybersecurity project, has been placed on leave. Arrington’s security clearance was suspended because of a “reported Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information” from a military agency.

Arrington, who’s the chief of information security at the office of acquisition and sustainment at the Pentagon, has not received details of her supposed infringement. However, officials have advised her that she will lose her eligibility to handle classified information or deal with matters of national security if the interim ruling should become permanent.

As you might expect of a story involving the Department of Defense, the details here are very meager. It’s impossible, at this point, to say whether Katie Arrington is truly culpable in this matter, or even what she might be guilty of. As the old saying goes, however, there’s no smoke without fire. We’ll have to keep an eye on this developing story to see what else will emerge from it.

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