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Pence: Chief Justice Is a ‘Disappointment’

( – In a new interview that aired Thursday, August 6, Vice President Mike Pence tore into Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Pence told the Christian broadcaster CBN News Roberts was a “disappointment to Conservatives.”

The vice president was particularly disturbed by the fact that Roberts, who was appointed in 2005 by President George W. Bush, has recently sided with the Liberals on the court in majority opinions. Pence said these cases show how important the upcoming election is for the Supreme Court.

Pence pointed out that Roberts was the key vote in 2012 to save Obamacare. The judge also recently voted to uphold Nevada’s limits on church gatherings because of the coronavirus and agreed with abortion doctors in a Louisiana case that said the doctors should have admitting privileges at hospitals. Pence called the Louisiana case a “wake-up call” for all pro-life Americans.

All of this just shows that we need more Conservative justices on the Supreme Court because clearly we can’t depend on Roberts. If Joe Biden wins in November, that’ll never happen. Mike Pence understands what’s truly at stake in this election.

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