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Pelosi Wants to Stop RBG Replacement — Guess What She’s Threatening?

( – The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has sent much of the legal community into mourning. It’s also thrown politicians into a frenzy. A number of Democrats have stated President Donald Trump should not get the chance to select Ginsburg’s replacement. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is among them and might stall the replacement process.

On Sunday, September 20, Nancy Pelosi went so far as to suggest Democrats could institute impeachment proceedings against either Trump or AG William Barr. This would prevent the Senate from voting in a new judge to take Ginsburg’s place.

Pelosi stated a drastic move like this could be necessary to preserve the integrity of the election. While she didn’t confirm that her party would pursue impeachment, she said Democrats would use “every arrow in [their] quiver” to keep Trump from nominating a new judge. As Tim Pool highlights in the below video, such a move would likely have more to do with retaining power than promoting democracy.

Such an impeachment hearing would be the second one for President Donald Trump. In February, the Senate cleared him of wrongdoing in regards to allegedly inappropriate political operations with Ukrainian officials.

While Democrats have every right to question Trump as a president, they have no mandate to prevent him from executing his role. Pelosi’s proposed actions would set a dangerous precedent. This incident clearly shows Democrats are more concerned about unseating Trump than they are about upholding the Constitution.

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