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Pelosi Mocked For Botching Final Speech As House Speaker…

( – Soon-to-be former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was dragged mercilessly for botching her final speech, wishing Americans a “Happy Shwanza” which made absolutely no sense and made many wonder if she had been imbibing in some Christmas cheer before her sendoff.

Twitter users trolled the powerful Democrat on Friday for wishing everyone “Happy Shwanza” instead of “Kwanzaa” during her remarks after the House passed the obscene and massive pork-filled “omnibus” spending bill.

The 4,155-page, $1.7 trillion bill passed in the House of Representatives, and Pelosi closed out the irresponsible spend-fest by wishing happy holidays to several different groups, including one she just made up.

She claimed the botched farewell “will probably be my last speech as Speaker of the House.” Then she proclaimed, “I yield back the balance of my time and wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe New Year. Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy Shwanza. Happy Hanukkah.”

Ever politically correct, she further pandered to the masses, saying, “Whatever it is you celebrate, be safe! Thank you, Mr. Speaker.” It is doubtful this is her last speech as Pelosi is sure to stay in the background attempting to control and protect the Democrats. She evidently loves power that much.

Conservative digital strategist Greg Price kicked off the ridicule by tweeting, “Pelosi ends her final speech as Speaker of the House by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and a ‘Happy Shwanza.’”

But it was his follow-up tweet that set things on fire. “Happy Shwanza to all and to all a good night,” he tweeted.

“The Political Insider” writer Rusty Weiss pointed out, “OMG. ‘Happy Shwanza.’ If Trump ever said that it’d be on a 24/7 news cycle with rioting in the streets.”

Author, filmmaker, and U.S. Air Force veteran Shane Smedley hilariously tweeted, “Shawarma?”

The mockery raged on Twitter.


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