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Pelosi Insults Republicans Working on Aid Bill

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) seems to be having a hard time keeping her emotions in check this week. On Tuesday, she called Attorney General Bill Barr names as if she were on a schoolyard playground. Now, she’s attacking Republican lawmakers. 

During a July 29 interview on CNN’s “AC360,” Pelosi told host Anderson Cooper the GOP has a “disdain, or sort of condescension” for working-class Americans. The speaker pointed to the reduction of the $600 in emergency unemployment benefits as “proof.” She then insinuated Republicans aren’t respectful of those people. 

Meanwhile, Republicans and the White House have been working on an economic relief package for over a week — a bill that’s now being held up because Democrats always want more included in the legislation, yet are refusing to protect business owners from lawsuits. 

It would seem, the only people with a disdain for the working class are the ones who don’t care if an employee loses their job because litigation has bankrupted their employer. 

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