Pelosi Claims She “Lost A Lot Of Sleep” Over Trump’s White Supremacy Comments

Pelosi Claims She

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) launched an attack on Donald Trump on MSNBC on Wednesday, September 30. During the interview, which took place the morning after the first presidential debate, Pelosi made a number of accusations against the president. One of them, in particular, was very controversial.

Overall, Pelosi bemoaned his failure to follow debate rules and the content of some of his answers, and alleged he disrespected his office through his actions. She was keen to stress her belief Donald Trump should not get the chance to share a debate stage with Joe Biden again before the election. But, there was one topic that stood out among the rest.

White Supremacy

Nancy Pelosi’s chief complaint about President Trump was he failed to denounce white supremacy groups. It was this, she claims, that came between her and a good night’s sleep after the debate.

This might be a fair grievance if it had any basis in fact. When asked whether he would condemn white supremacy groups, Trump responded by saying “sure.” He then added groups like the Proud Boys should “stand back and stand by,” and that left-leaning extremist groups were causing far more problems than Conservative ones. While this is somewhat ambiguous, it’s far from the blatant refusal to condemn that Nancy Pelosi wants us to believe it is.

In acknowledgment of the fact his phrasing had caused some confusion, President Trump addressed the media about this issue on Thursday. He categorically condemned white supremacists of all kinds, including those involved with the Proud Boys and the Ku Klux Klan.


During the conversation, Pelosi stated “authenticity” was one of the main problems with Donald Trump. She claimed the president was authentic only in his disregard for social cohesion and his attempts to appeal to his supporter base. 

While this is a neat oratory trick, it ignores many realities. Most importantly, it makes no mention of the economic progress America has made under Donald Trump; progress that has benefited every American.

These kinds of accusations from Democrats are nothing new. Every time Donald Trump has challenged their policies or actions, their response has been to try to shut him down. Pelosi’s suggestion that the president should not be allowed to debate again is a transparent attempt to protect Joe Biden from further public embarrassment.

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